Coastal GPS is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology and offering constant evolving functionality for our customers.
We are focused on delivering high quality software to help your business grow.


GPS Tracking

Whether you deploy buses, box trucks, cars or heavy machinery, we can help you locate your expensive assets at the press of a button.

Our software offers live GPS Tracking, Vehicle Route History, instant reporting of Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Dangerous Driving Alerts & Driver Report Cards, Oil Maintenance Alerts, Daily Mileage, Stop Reports and more allowing fleet managers to monitor vehicle locations, box temperatures and routes in real-time.


Fleet Management

Accurately plan routes and create the most efficient drivers. View mechanical and odometer driven maintenance alerts. See your refrigerated box temp reports, daily mileage and interactive history reports with location and times. See where your vehicles have been, how long they were there and get data for every minute they traveled.

With this level of visibility, you can optimize routes, increase safety, reduce fuel consumption and enhance overall fleet efficiency.


Driver Analysis

Analyze driver's trip data day by day and minute by minute.

Get alerts and see reports for speeding or harsh cornering, acelerating or braking, possible fender bender and possible impacts.

View stop reports, daily mileage, speeding reports, hazardous driving and driver's scorecard.

What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software is a very useful tool for managing your inventory of heavy machinery, cargo containers, trailers, dumpsters, vehicles and more.
Our cloud based servers collects, stores, reports and analyzes different information related to specific jobs or activities your fleet performs.
Coastal GPS's software detects your drivers' exact locations as they complete deliveries or services across the map. Our solution helps you manage your assets, identify operational deficiencies and create optimized schedules and routes for your team.

How does GPS tracking work?

Our web based application uses the Global Position System (GPS) satellites to track your objects precise location in real-time through a GPS chip in our plug-n-play modules, which then transmit the data instantly through a 3G/4G worldwide GSM cellular chip to our servers.
The modules sends the geolocation data and key telemetrics from your asset's computers with each ping the cloud server receives.
This information can then be viewed and analyzed on our secure encrypted cloud based web application.

Coastal GPS Hardware


Plug In GPS Tracker

Our easiest module to use. Simply plugs in directly to the OBD2 port under your dashboard. This module will have you up and running in seconds. Easily swap the module to your other vehicles to check for diagnostic issues or for temporary tracking. Once you're done, just plug it back in!

Custom Features GPS Tracker

Do you need to track your cargo's temperatures, check for power take-off (PTO) or need the ability to disable the starter? We have you covered. Discuss with us your needs and we will make it happen. This device also provides discrete tamper proof installation and works with any 12 volt power source.

Solar Powered GPS Tracker

Our solar powered GPS trackers are perfect for trailers, pods, cargo containers and more. It's companct size (12" x 8" x 1") and light weight of only 1.54 lbs will help take you anywhere the sun shines. Built-in motion detection alerts, removal of device and low battery alarms. Easily installs in 10 mins.

When the panel is hardwired to a power source (trailer in tow), the internal battery will charge and show your asset in real time. When the trailer disconnects from the tractor, the device will switch to asset tracking mode with its internal battery.

Hardwired GPS Tracking

Need asset tracking for your heavy machinery, trailer or construction equipment? Supply the power directly from the vehicle and hide the module away. Track your assets without the module even being seen. This rugged waterproof (IP66) module is easy to install with its 3 wire configuration. Customize the module with other add-ons like temperature sensors, power take off or remote power shut off.

AI Video Dashcam with GPS Capabilities

Harness the power of real-time crystal clear video and gps telematics, with live and historical views of the driver's view and a view of the driver for full access to vehicle and driver accountability.

About Coastal GPS

We are a group of developers who each individually have over 20 years programming in mapping, database architecture, security and web applications. After working with many different GPS companies, we felt a need for an application that was just super simple to use. So, what sets Coastal GPS apart from the others? Ease of use. A user interface and user experience you will not get anywhere else.

We give you the ability to speak directly with our developers, to request additional functionality and features. We are eager to offer the latest and greatest to all our clients. As we add to our software applications, everyone gets access!

We have live dedicated support to answer all your questions. Just hit the chat icon in your map view and we will get right back to you! No more unanswered questions, we are here for you 7 days a week via chat!


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